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I am excited about the launch of my new and exciting Blog. I look forward to sharing with you many of my thoughts and insights regarding the study of jazz. It is my hope that parents, children, adult students, beginners, and advance players will find posts beneficial for their musical understanding, growth and development. A wide range of musical topics will be explored – some will address serious musical concepts while others will simply serve as entertainment.

In addition to publishing regular blog posts I send out a free weekly Email to help jazz piano lovers discover, learn, and play essential jazz piano skills; please visit JazzPianoSkills.com to learn more and be sure to subscribe. You can also become a JazzPianoSkills.com Member and enjoy comprehensive jazz piano video lessons – for life! Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions that you have regarding content, presentation, and educational material – I always welcome your pointers and the opportunity to get to know you.

Finally, you will also find at JazzPianoSkills.com many mp3 recordings of me playing a variety of society and jazz standards. You can listen to all recordings in their entirety from this site or you can download your favorites and enjoy them on your personal mp3 player, phone, tablet, or computer. Not only will you be listening to great jazz you will be helping many women (and men) needing our support through the White Rose Clinic located here in Dallas, TX.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts and find them beneficial for developing your jazz piano skills. I look forward to our musical journey as we discover.learn.play jazz!

Warm Regards,
Dr. Bob Lawrence
The Dallas School of Music

Dr. Bob Lawrence

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