I am thrilled to offer a wide range of jazz lessons that I have developed, taught, and refined over the past 30 years. Each lesson is designed to help you become a “player”. My lesson videos move beyond “academic theory” and towards the “practical application” and “performance” of the essential jazz elements. Knowing how to properly “think” about, and practice, each jazz concept is the key to transforming theory into accomplished performance skills. I tell each of my students (repeatedly) proper “conceptual understanding” drives “physical development”. In other words, if a jazz concept is being mentally approached incorrectly (academically only) there is no way you will have success “playing it”.

So, if you want to become an accomplished jazz musician you will need to:

  • Discover the essential elements of jazz (awareness of intrinsic components)
    • too many blind alleys leading you astray – especially on YouTube!
  • Learn the essential elements of jazz (clear conceptual understanding)
  • Play the essential elements of jazz (effective practice methods and application)

Each lesson explores each of these three components in detail. As a member you can watch and study each video as often as you wish (for life!). When questions arise you can easily reach out to me through your private support portal (Mavenlink) that is created for you upon the activation of your membership. At any time you desire to have a private online lesson with me (half hour or one hour) we can make those arrangements as well through The Dallas School of Music.


All published lessons are available for immediate access upon membership enrollment and login. Visit my Directory of Jazz Lessons to see an outline of all educational content. If you have questions please do not hesitate to Contact Me.