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Jazz Piano Skills

Introduction : Jazz Piano Skills

I am proud to announce the official launch of my new (and free) service for all aspiring jazz pianists – Jazz Piano Skills. Now you can enjoy a free weekly jazz piano lesson delivered conveniently to your Inbox. Each jazz piano lesson I publish focuses on specific jazz skill and includes a short video demonstration for you to watch as often as you wish. You can easily subscribe by visiting jazzpianoskills.com and submitting your name and Email address – that’s it, no other information needed! Of course your privacy and contact information will never be shared so no worries. You can also unsubscribe at anytime if for some reason you find the Jazz Piano Skills I teach are no longer beneficial for improving your jazz piano playing. Take a few minutes to read more details about Jazz Piano Skills below and do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions at all – I can be reached by phone 972-380-8050 Ext. 211, Email drlawrence@jazzpianoskills.com, or through my Contact Form. Please consider subscribing – I look forward to helping you discover, learn, and play essential Jazz Piano Skills.

Discover : Jazz Piano Skills

Each Jazz Piano Skills lesson focuses on a very specific and single skill. Knowing that my readers are at different junctures in their jazz journey, and some may already be aware and familiar with the skill being introduced, I make it a goal to present the skill in a way that helps every one discover new perspectives. As a student of jazz piano myself, the one thing that I can attest to is that every teacher I have study with over the past 30 years has helped me discover a new way of exploring the most fundamental and basic jazz piano skills. This realization was in fact the primary motivation for me developing and launching this new (and free!) service for all aspiring jazz pianists. Give it a try – subscribe to Jazz Piano Skills and I guarantee, you will discover new skills plus new perspectives on skills you are already familiar with – I promise!

Learn : Jazz Piano Skills

After introducing you to new (and some old) jazz piano skills, I always spend time discussing how to properly approach learning the skill. When I speak of learning I am speaking about the proper way to “think” about the skill – I tell all of my students “conceptual understanding drives physical development”. In other words, if the skill you are trying to learn is confusing, difficult, cloudy, vague, etc. upstairs (mentally) then you can bet that it will be confusing, difficult, cloudy, and vague downstairs (physically on the keys). On the other hand, if the skill is rock solid conceptually (mentally) then your ability to successfully develop the skill physically (on the keys) is greatly enhanced. Again, give it a try – subscribe to Jazz Piano Skills and I guarantee, you will begin to successfully learn new jazz piano skills, and some old ones that you may still be struggling to master.

Play : Jazz Piano Skills

After helping you discover and learn a jazz piano skill I model how to play the skill with a simple video demonstration. Of course you can watch the video as often as you wish to help you see and hear the skill within a musical context/setting. Often times I include a slow motion section within the video to help you nail down fingerings, proper hand motion, and articulation. As the old saying goes, “seeing is believing” so I think you will find the short and sweet videos to be very beneficial for learning jazz piano skills. Once again, give it a try – subscribe to Jazz Piano Skills and I guarantee, you will begin to successfully play new jazz piano skills that will radically change your sound and help you develop into the jazz pianist you are wanting to become.

Final Thoughts : Jazz Piano Skills

If you wish to discover, learn, and play essential Jazz Piano Skills you should subscribe – you have nothing to lose, it’s 100% Free! You’ll have weekly access to professional jazz instruction and guidance from a professional jazz music educator (me!) delivered conveniently to your Inbox. If you decide you want more in-depth instruction you should consider becoming a discover.learn.play member. Your dlp membership gives you lifetime access to all of my instructional jazz videos (which you can access and study as often as you wish – again, for life!). Additionally, your own private Mavenlink support portal is established, hosted, and maintained by The Dallas School of Music allowing you to interact with me as often as needed each and every week. Likewise, you’ll receive tuition discounts if you ever choose to have private online jazz lessons with me through The Dallas School of Music.

I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have regarding Jazz Piano Skills or discover.learn.play so feel free to Email me drlawrence@jazzpianoskills.com or call me 972-380-8050 Ext. 211. Please take a moment and listen to a few of my recordings or follow me at SoundCloud to get a feel for how I play and approach this wonderful art form we call jazz.

I look forward to helping you discover, learn, and play Jazz Piano Skills!

Best Wishes,
Dr. Bob Lawrence
The Dallas School of Music

Dr. Bob Lawrence

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